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Sonetasot is a company oriented to the information technologies applied to the devolopment of  Social NetWork and cloud business sector,  also to  Business Consulting y Enterprise Solutions  based on Odoo.

Legal Representation on mexico and ecuador

We challenge your imagination and become on solutions 

It has a group of highly committed and trained, with a program of continuous professional training.

The work aims at two key areas.

- Perfeccionar las empresas clientes garantizando mayor dinámica, acceso a información en tiempo real, integración y automatización de los procesos empresariales.

- Create business in the cloud, turning traditional business in online collaborative spaces. Social networks gocios en la nube, convirtiendo los negocios tradicionales en espacios colaborativos en internet. Redes sociales

We are an adaptive, efficient, fun and responsible company, where innovation brings the future into the present and where creation becomes art engineering.