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Customer management and initiatives

You can efficiently manage relationships with your customers. Through our "CRM" solution you can manage the control of your prospects.
You can even manage market segmentation schemes regarding their sociological characteristics, monetary capabilities, consumer traits, relationships with third parties, etc.
You can automatically manage their first exchanges with customers through management of initiatives provided by the platform, where you can record interactions executed, ensuring the planning and monitoring of its meetings, calls and e-mails exchange.

Oportunity Management

You can control the process of negotiation with the client automatically through management of opportunities provided by our solution.

You can set your business strategy, you follow exchange on needs and offers customer until finally define a possible budget associated with the request.
You can set securities trading ranges for a demand line defined by the customer.

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Sales management

You can get an efficient sales management for their products.

You can have a flow quote that lets you exchange proposals with the customer for approval until it becomes a final sale order.
You can make your sales combined with efficient warehouse management that enables to maintain control of their products in inventory.

Contracts an rates management

You can associate their sales whit customers contracts.

You can define customer contracts for an amount established both for selling tangible products as for services and set also a selling price for each product.
Also you have the ability to manage price lists for your products and associate customers that you want, managing the possibility of different pricing schemes for their sales.

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Warehouses and inventories

You can keep track of all your products in stock.
Our solution connects the sales process with warehouse management, generating automatic warehouse outlets to ensure accurate control of products in stock.
We offer the possibility of multiple locations of stores and setting a minimum safety stock in order to automate purchase orders or set alerts for stocks break when this could happen.