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Booking management

You can efficiently manage hotel booking with our hotel solution. Define your reservations for a period of time by the amount of room you want.

You can manage folio of services associated to each reserve where you can control all concepts of expenses incurred by the guest book during your stay. Each service line registered in folio will be reflected as expenditure line in the invoice associated, which may be obtained automatically when concludes management folio, triggering processes of invoicing and payments associated, either advance or at the end of the reserve.
You can see Booking Central that show the complete summary of the hotel state in their capacities for a period of dates indicated, taking into account three basic concepts: Reserve, Cleaning and Maintenance. From there you can follow up on your reservation specifying the time of "checkin" and "checkout" and automatic link with cleaning and maintenance activities that are generated in each case.

Cleaning services

You can manage automatically cleaning services are performed in the hotel, either during the period of reservation for a room or when it is released.

For each service you can specify the lines of activities to be implemented and also associate an quality inspection process. You can have daily cleaning activities planned by the system automatically for all days when a room is booked and departure cleaning for the day when the room is released.

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Restaurant management

You can have a restaurant management within their hotel for those registered customers. You can make reservations for tables which is associated with a restaurant Order includes a list of dishes ordered by the customer.

For each order you can generate kitchen orders automatically, which manages a state flow simulating its development which affects the automatic management of restaurant order and table reservation associated.
You can also get the invoice associated with your order, triggering the invoicing process, all automatic and integrated manner.

Maintenance services

You can automatically manage maintenance activities performed in the hotel to the resources they require.

Define the maintenance period with its activities and resources involved and manage its planning and execution efficiently during every moment that passes by.
You can also manage quality checks their maintenance, which will be automatically planned for each executed maintenance.

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You can check the status of your hotel and behavioral statistics with just one click. It will reports that provide information about:

Summary of the hotel reservations in their different views for a indicated time period.
Summary of the activities carried out over a time period indicated for a room.
Summary of the tables reservations made in the restaurant over a indicated time period.
Summary of Folios obtained as details of services offered by the hotel on a specified date period.
Summary details of orders made in the restaurant and kitchen orders executed, for a indicated time period.