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HR Management

You can efficiently manage your company's HR from the selection process to hire. You can manage all important employee data in a single view of information as personal, work, family data.

Note important elements in its organizational structure as the departmental hierarchy, positions or jobs, labels for segmentation and / or classification of employees.
You can manage information from their banks and bank accounts associated with their employees.

HR Recruitment

You can automatically control everything related to hiring employees. You can define the contracts for each of them with the company, recording information base for calculating payroll as salary, concepts of payment for maternity leave or bonds and keep a record of the charges and wages allocated to the contract in time.

You can set the contract type that you want to formalize with your employee and the duration for it and complete its active period with the implementation of the disengagement process, which determines the closing of a contract and the automatic generation of a  settlement payroll associated with wage rules that are indicated by the regulations in the country where you are.

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Tracking time for HR

You can maintain control over working hours of their employees in a period. You can manage automatically the record of vacations and / or employee absences classified in different reasons that bring the presence of different wage rules reflecting egress employee on the payroll for the corresponding period.

Also you can check the record of overtime worked by employees in a period according to legal regulations established in the country where you are and get, automatically, registration in the corresponding payroll as income rule.

Registration news

You can automatically run all flows that provide new features to the payroll of its employees in a period according to the laws of the country where you are.

You can run reports for income or egress an employee associated with the concepts that supports the law, which are automatically reflected in the payroll period as salary or deduction rules of perception, as appropriate.
You can automatically manage the loans that the company establishes with its employees and controlling payments by returning the employee, all reflected in payroll as wage rule. It also may, if it under national law, execute the calculation of annual utility for each of its employees and reflect their payroll payment.

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You can manage your efficiently and easily payroll. You can dynamically configure their wage rules or payments concepts and assemble their own wage structures on which you can manage your payroll or payment role.

You can have a managing general payroll for the pay period you want (biweekly, monthly, etc.) including individual payroll of each employee hired in your company. All new registered about employees for a period be includes automatically as wage rules in payrolls .

You can get automatically accounting and analytical reports at the end of their payroll management, reflecting the amounts associated with the payment of each employee, including reports distributed by wage rules.